Friday, May 20, 2016

Chufa and cyclamens

There is not much happening at the moment so this will not be long.
This morning I had to go into Coleraine to get my windscreen replaced as it got a crack in it on my trip to Ballarat last weekend. At least the insurance will pay for that. It was the first windscreen I have ever had to replace in all my years of driving on bad and unsealed roads so I am not too unhappy.

I was a bit bored so I decided to harvest the few chufa (cyperus esculentus var sativus) plants I grew this year. I am kicking myself for only planting so few as they are so delicious. I love them boiled and eaten in front of the TV, they taste just like almonds.

They are a grass-like plant that produces little tubers under the plant at this time of year. It is related to the awful weed 'Nutsedge' but chufa doesn't spread or produce seed.

They are really easy to grow in my poor, sandy soil, and the sand makes them easy to harvest. They do appreciate a bit of shade on the hottest summer days but other than that they grow without much care.

Some tubers will overwinter in my mild winters but if yours are wet and cold the tubers will rot and you have to plant them each spring.

Here is a pic of some of my mothers cyclamen. They look fantastic at this time of year. She grows them from seed.

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