Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rhubarb and garlic

It was a lovely showery night last night and a few showers today, not enough to soak into the ground but enough to brighten everything up. Now that the temperatures are going down and rain will (hopefully) be on the way in another month or so I have been planting out a few potbound shrubs and trees onto the seed block.
I am planting three rows of flowering and fruiting trees, shrubs and groundcovers down the middle of the whole block as pollinating and predatory insect and bird habitat. It will look fantastic in a couple of years.

 All the garlic beds are up now and growing nicely. Most of the garlic beds aren't irrigated but I suppose they think we will get enough rain soon - well I hope so anyway. I love it that garlic is so tough.

These beds are going to be very weedy so I won't get a good harvest but it is going to take a couple of years to get the weeds and dormant weed seeds under control so I will just have to battle through it.

This morning I dug up, divided and replanted on the seed block three rows of rhubarb.
I wanted another fresh crop besides my garlic as a back up and went to see a friend of mine who is a commercial rhubarb grower to see if it would be worth it to put in an acre of it.
He said that rhubarb is not something to grow on spec as it is only popular when cooks on TV are using it so I should not grow it as reliable money earner. I will have to look for something else I think.

I think people need to come up with more rhubarb recipes both sweet and savoury to make it a more useable crop. Most people are stuck in a rut of only cooking it one way.

Anyway I have planted enough to supply the local shops, or perhaps to sell at market stalls with my seeds.

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