Monday, February 22, 2016

Market, podcasts, and Glass Gem corn

I have started a very busy week with the sustainability festival in Warrnambool. On Thursday I am expecting a farm visit and then on Friday I have to travel all the way up to Swan Hill to meet with a business who might want to buy seeds.
With the weather being kind lately I am also busy digging beds for the Autumn seeding - whew where will I find the time? Seriously, I am glad to get busy again.

 My stall in Warrnambool was very popular and I made almost as much money as I thought I would which will come in very handy when the water bills come in a couple of weeks.

I took a variety of fresh produce to interest people and it worked well to bring them into the stall to check out the seeds.
The Paypal reader also came in very handy. After a bit of a problem with the first card transaction it was very easy from then on. It is a very easy way for customers to pay, especially for larger payments.

 Now I will have to do a stock take of my seeds and make up a heap more packets.
I think I will look out for more bigger markets and festivals to have stalls at as I really enjoyed it, even though I was on my own so I wasn't able to get away and check out any of the other stalls or get lunch.

Regular readers may remember my complaints about the Glass Gem corn having trouble dealing with the heat. Well, the first few ears were ready to pick yesterday and some were not filled at all but some had a reasonable amount of kernels in them.

It is pretty but the ears are much smaller than I expected. I really don't know why I missed any reference to them being a 'mini' corn. Now that I have done some more 'Googling' I see many sites saying they are small.
I really should take more notice, lol. Anyway, I will probably grow them again.

My mother spent some time today being helpful and taking the seeds out of my Orangeglo watermelons. I have only picked two so far but the rest are nearly ripe.
She is taking quite an interest in my seeds this year and it is very welcome.

One more thing - I have discovered podcasts. I was sick of the one CD I have been playing over and over in the van so I bought a little gadget so I can play downloaded music through my vans radio.
Since the drive to Warrnambool is two hours I decided to download some small farming podcasts to listen to on the way. It was amazing and when I got home I downloaded some more to listen to on the five hour drive up to Swan Hill. They are so interesting.

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