Thursday, January 7, 2016

What the farm is producing at the moment

I have been trying to find something good to write about today but it is so difficult. I suppose that it can only get better next year, lol.

 At least the watermelons are producing, not a lot, but enough for seed next year.
The moon and stars have about one fruit on each plant but at least they are healthy. As I wrote last time, the Blacktail mountains are doing well.

I might more watermelons next year. This year I have in Blacktail Mountain, Moon and Stars (red flesh - I seem to have misplaced my orange fleshed ones, Cream Fleshed Suika, and Orangeglo.

I have started picking the earliest of the Painted Mountain flour corn. The colours are great but, as I suspected, most of the cobs are almost empty because of the heat. I will only have enough to replant next spring.

I so love coloured corn varieties, it is like opening up a present and seeing jewels. It is a surprise every time

This is my favourite corn as you can eat it as sweetcorn when young and it can be ground for flour when mature. It is also very early and early maturing after flowering.

My tomatoes are mostly bare, most of them have not fruit on them at all because of the heat.

I only had 5 seeds of 'Brads Black Heart' and one plant grew. So far this is the only fruit it produced.
I am not willing to write it off, or any of them, because of the terrible season this year. I will be able to assess them better next year. At least I will have seed :)
This is the earliest of the larger tomatoes and I hope it tasted great.

The other new tomato that is ripe now is 'Vintage Wine'. This one is the only one bearing well in the heat so it will definitely be planted again. I haven't tasted it yet but I am sure it will be good, it has good reviews, and it looks spectacular.
It will go into my list of heat tolerant vegetables.

I have a few new striped tomato varieties in this year.

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