Monday, January 4, 2016

So...everyone else got rain but us

Yesterday a band of heavy rain crossed Victoria but missed us again. By the coming winter it will be two years since we will have had decent rain *sigh*. We have had a few showers but barely enough to wet the soil and certainly not enough to soak in. It is getting depressing.
I realise that I complain about the weather a lot but at this point in time it seems to control my entire life.

My melons, pumpkins and watermelons should be covered with fruit at this point but with the heat killing the flowers and small fruits I have hardly any.
I am lucky that I decided to plant a few Blacktail Mountain watermelon as they are the ones with the most fruit on them.
I love this variety as it is so tough and easy to grow, a great beginners watermelon.

 My whole 40m row of Hearts Of Gold melon hasn't a single fruit on them - mostly because of the heat but also because rabbits keep eating the ends off the runners. No matter what the cause I am wasting water on them but will probably not get anything back.

My lotus in a bathtub is doing well. it has a few flower buds on it but one flower opened yesterday. Unfortunately the flower only lasted a few hours so I didn't get a pic of it.

I will have to divide it in the winter as it is already outgrowing the tub. If I am lucky the tubers will be big enough to eat even though it is a small variety.

My only pumpkin that has any fruit on it is 'Gills Golden Pippin'. It is supposed to be the best tasting of all the acorn types by all accounts I have read. The few fruits on the whole row of plants means I won't have seed to sell but I will at least have plenty to plant next year.

Can't wait to try these.

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