Friday, December 18, 2015

Whew it is hot, and the veggies are really stressed

After a few days around 40c all the veggies are looking pretty stressed, even the heat tolerant plants like tepary beans and ground cherries are frying. They just can't soak up enough water to grow properly no matter how much water I give them. One thing I worry about is that the corn will not be pollinated because the pollen and silks dry in the heat before they can do their job. I know I worried about this last year and the cobs were filled but this year the corn is showing more stress than last year. Also, the melons are not setting fruit because of the heat and I am relying on getting a lot of melon seed.

The mini pop corn is showing heat stress the worst of all the varieties but the others are not far behind.
Every night I go out to water I wonder if the plants will have recovered by the next day. They always do so far but the stress build up has to start affecting them soon. And there is another three months of heat to go.

I have covered the small beds of corn that is still under the height of the row covers and is not flowering yet in an attempt to keep the stress to a minimum.

I have had to borrow some more money yesterday to put up more shade covers on the seed block. I hate borrowing money but if the plants die or don't produce then I have wasted all the effort and money I have put into it so far so I don't really have a choice.
At least I know it will pay for itself in the long run.

I have been surprised at how well the mauka is coping with the heat, even the stems that are poking out in the sun are not sunburnt.
As you can see it is suffering a bit, with slightly curled leaves but it is still growing.

 I think that as long as the roots are kept shaded these plants will grow quite well through our summers.
Some of the Incan veggies are surprising me with their heat tolerance.

And, just to lighten the sombre mood - a bed of sunflowers. At least these love the heat.

I am already sick of this summer and there is so much to go. The river is dry, we have had no rain for many months and we are in drought. I just hope our town bore keeps up and we don't get water restrictions.

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