Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Whew, I want summer to be over already

I am still sitting inside because I am waiting till the temperature gets below 35C before I go out to water. I really hate the heat and there is still at least 3 months of it to go yet. Maybe we should move down to Tassie.
It is too hat to do any work during the day, and the weeds are pretty much under control anyway so all I have is the watering. It is starting to get a bit boring so I shelled out for a few more gigs on my internet so I can watch some interesting youtube videos. It is a bummer having country internet limitations, though I know that many city areas also have serious limits. It is about time our pollies realised that internet is important to businesses and, well, everybody. It is good for the country as a whole so they should allow us a great system - I hate that we are so backward in this respect.

Yesterday while I was watering I got a surprise visit from a guy who reads my blog. he was passing through town and decided to drop in and see what I was about and have a chat and cuppa. I really like it when I hear from people who read this blog, so don't be afraid to drop in or email any time.

 Because I am organising a harvest festival for march I put in a few ornamental squash plants for table decorations. I find these squash fascinating even though you can't eat them.
In Australia we don't have a custom of growing ornamental vegetables, probably because we don't have a winter down time and we can grow veggies all year round so we don't celebrate harvest time. I think it is a shame as harvest festivals are, in part, a way to get people to appreciate what you can grow.

Anyway, I do have some ornamentals in just to add some colour. Now all I have to do is get the marketing for the festival going and attract some market stalls.
I am not sure how it will go with the season so bad - I may not be able to add as much to the vegetable displays as I wanted but we will see.

Last post I told you how the rabbits decimated my tepary beans, well the next rows full of dwarf red snake beans have not been touched, thank goodness.

Also - I remember that I didn't report on the taste testing for the 'Bear Necessities' kale that I wrote about a few posts ago.
This is going to be my favourite kale. It has a slight mustardy taste when raw so it will be great in salads but it really comes into its own when cooked. It loses the mustard taste when cooked and is very tender and tasty. It doesn't have the coarseness and slight bitterness of 'normal' kale so people who generally don't like kale should love this one.

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