Monday, December 7, 2015

Scorching days and flowers everywhere

After a few days of scorching temperatures quite a few plants are feeling pretty burnt, especially the cucurbits and beans. I thought that the early start would mean that I might get some green beans which usually don't do well here because of the heat but they are looking sad now. Hopefully I will still get enough seed off them to replant next year.
The poor tamarillos which were full of flowers and fruit have aborted most of their baby fruits because of the heat. If I don't get a good harvest off them this year they will be chopped out. I just don't have enough shade for them.

 I was right, my lotus is a dwarf variety. In the Ebay listing for the assorted tuber the seller said that it is a listing for a full size variety but if you wanted a dwarf you should message them. I didn't want a dwarf but they sent one anyway. I will have to buy another full size tuber next spring. I want full sized plants for eating size tubers.
As you can see I have my first flower popping up now.

My rows of squash and pumpkins are flowering profusely even though they have got a bit burnt over the last few days.
I just hope the flowers set as sometimes they don't if it is too hot.
This is part of a 20m row of yellow patty pan squash.

My tepary beans are starting to flower. I might not be ale to grow green beans but there are two sorts of beans that will take my heat - tepary and snake beans.
The snake beans are always very slow and are quite a way off flowering yet. I have a few now varieties of them to trial this year.

This is a flower of a blue speckled tepary bean.

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