Saturday, December 26, 2015

Next year has to be better *sigh*

I hope you all had a great Christmas. It was very quiet for us but I enjoyed it. I changed my watering days so my main watering was the day before so I only had a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and I could enjoy my time with family.

Finally, a few showers to cool things down and give the plants a break. I still and to water as 7 mm didn't go far but it still freshened up the plants. Maybe some of the corn will be able to be pollinated before the hot weather kicks in again in a few days and kills off the pollen. Ever hopeful.

I have been busy planting out my shallots on the seed block. I have been glad to move them over there so I have more room on my 'Back block' which I generally use for new and experimental stuff.
In their place I have planted out a couple of beds of seedling potatoes. It will be interesting to see what I get from them as already I can see that some have green stems and some pink. I have about 6 20m beds of various dividing onions out now and just the walking onions to go.

Yesterday I got over to the seed block to find that all my tepary beans have been eaten off with all the flowers and young shoots. I am not sure if it was rabbits or grasshoppers - did I tell you that I am dealing with a plague of grasshoppers now?

I have been planting four rows of fruiting and flowering trees, shrubs and groundcovers but it will be at least two years before they are big enough to provide good habitat for carnivorous insects and birds so I may need to spray the grasshoppers which I really don't want to do *sigh*

This comes on top of everything else. If I hadn't already used every dollar I have and borrowed money to get this venture off the ground I would be about to give up now. With the drought, heat, pests, terrible soil and poor crops I have just about had enough. I am thankful that my seed contract is not binding this year as I will not be able to provide half of what was ordered.

Luckily I also planted some small crops of other plants on spec which I think my buyer will like.
I know it will get better every year but it is just so hard right now.

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