Monday, December 21, 2015

Bits and bobs

A couple of cool days have felt so good but it is heating up again from tomorrow. I got some root cabbage seedlings in and planted some carrot and beet seeds. I know it is not a good time to be planting carrot seeds especially but I have to have some different ones to show at the harvest festival in March and if I don't get them growing now I won't have any ready. I have covered the row and will try to keep it damp to get them to germinate but they don't like germinating in the heat so I will have to keep my fingers crossed.

My melons are growing strongly and flowering but the heat means that they are aborting their female flowers so they still haven't got fruit on them.

The warmth started early so my tamarillos do have a small amount of fruit on them that set before the heat set in so I might get some fruit off them. I think I will pull the tamarillos out though as they are too much bother and will only set fruit on occasional years when the summer is not too hot.

My poor tepary beans don't have many pods on them as the heat burnt off most of the flowers. I put in a lot of them this year though so I should get some seed.

Here is one of my tomato beds. I covered the two rows on one side (the left) on the hot days and you can definitely see the difference where the covered tomatoes are twice the size and greener. I might have to cover them all now to get a good harvest.

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