Monday, December 14, 2015

Bear necessities kale and see how my corn is doing

With a very hot week to come I am spending a lot of time hibernating indoors. There is not much you can do in the heat - watering is out as heat stressed plants can't use it well and any water that you put on is wasted by evaporation - so I water in the evenings so the plants have all night to take up the water and recover from the heat. You can't weed because weeding disturbs the soil and allows more evaporation.
All I can do is harvest in the morning if there is something to harvest that day, and generally just inspect and admire :)

 My bear necessities kale is looking good, and tasting good. I wrote about it in a post not long ago but I thought you should see some pictures.

I am a bit disappointed that I only have one colour where the pictures on the net show a range of purple and green colours, but it still looks amazing. With the look and taste I can see this really taking off if I market it well and one of the seed companies takes it up.

I think this kale will look just as good in the flower garden and vase as it will in a salad which will appeal so many people.

I did have some problems with aphids early on but the white butterflies seem to be leaving it alone, probably because of the leaf form so I am also happy about that.

Here is three beds of the sweet corn 'Anasazi' on the seed block. It is not very even because the ground had a house on it at one time and the soil varies so some areas grow well and some don't. Over the next few crops that should even out and the soil will improve.

The plants are a bit small but they are healthy and starting to show flowers now.

Some of the later planted rows did very poorly for some reason so I doubt I will be able to provide all the seed the company wants but it shouldn't be too far off.

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