Friday, November 13, 2015

Why are food growers looked down upon?

Not long ago someone I know who is a doctor came to me to ask advice on growing some vegetables. He had never grown anything before so he was a bit hesitant but he went out and bought some seeds, soil and stuff and spent a good amount of time digging, weeding and looking after his veg.

So... at the end of the season he came back to me complaining about all the time, money and effort he spent but it was all wasted because he only managed to harvest a few tomatoes and carrots. He thought it was a waste of his time.

I really wanted to say to him - If I was training to become a doctor what would you say if after a year in medical school I told you that after all the time and money I spent I still didn't have an income so I was giving up.

Really, gardening and making it worth it growing food is a skill, just like doctoring. You can't expect to immediately know how to do it, it takes practice and mistakes and maybe a year or two before you can see any results - just like learning to be a doctor.

Are food growers devalued because city people think it is easy I wonder. I remember some years ago when farmers were having a rare good year and some of them bought expensive new cars. City folk were complaining because they thought farmers were ripping them off and should be able to afford new cars when food prices were always going up. Why is it that plumbers, accountants and even your dry-cleaner is 'allowed' to buy an expensive car but we are not?

Why are all essential jobs looked down on. The most imporatant people who take care of the world are farmers, toilet cleaners, housewives/husbands etc. but they are the lowest paid. Why do people whos jobs don't contribute much to society like middle managers, people who puch nu8mbers around on computers, people who work on the stock market and (dare I say it) professional sportsmen ( in my opinion sports are games to be played in your time off, why do we even have ministers for arts and sports who should be self funded) get paid so much?

Rant over :)

 Anyway... I didn't have enough of one variety of corn seed (Painted Mountain) to plant this year so I bought some in. For some reason many of the plants from this bought in seed are starting to flower very early and they are only 30-50cm tall.
I have read that this happens when corn is stressed but this year I am looking after it better than I have ever done, and my original seed plants are doing fine.

This is a real pain as I need every plant to fulfill my seed contract this year. I hope they put on a spurt of growth. Some people say these plants do.

On J block I have laid dripper tube to save on watering. It is all laid out now and working well. Now all I need to do is line up all the beds as the crops come out and dig the spaces between the bed so I end up with single long rows rather than three rows going down the block of 4m beds, if you know what I mean, lol.

When I get all the blocks done it will free up a lot of time, and the water will be more targetted.

I have made it so I can take the system apart easily if I need to vacate a block and set it out again elsewhere. A permanent system would have been a real hassle.

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