Sunday, November 1, 2015

November odds and ends

A few days of cool weather starting today will help me get a heap of work done. I mainly have weeding to do but now that I have harvested all my garlic I also have a few new beds to sow as well.

 A few days ago the first of my seedling hippeastrums put up a flower bud (all the others are still too small to flower this year) but the next night a snail ate the tip off the flower.
Well that has ruined it. I will remember to protect it next year though it looks like a pretty ordinary one.

I bought a heap of small seedlings off Ebay a couple of years ago but didn't look after them so only a dozen or so survived. I will have to try a bit harder so they all flower next spring.

All my corn is growing well. This is a bed of 'Glass Gem'. I wasn't going to grow Glass Gem as it is only good as an ornamental  and practically useless for anything else but then I figured that pretty also has its place in the world, and I had a bit of space so I put in a couple of hundred seeds.
At least the cobs will look great on my display at the Casterton Harvest Festival next March.

 I hand pollinated a few of my seedling bearded Iris I have been posting about and some now have pods on them. It is just a bit of fun at the moment so I have not gone to the bother of documenting the parents. Maybe if it gets to be something bigger I will start taking it a bit more seriously.

I have put up three 40m long covers on my oca rows on the new seed block. They catch a bit of wind so I might have to work out a bit more stabilisation but for now they are working well. I have a few steel droppers placed along the centre of the rows to keep the shadecloth from blowing off and the frames relatively stable.

I would like to put up a few more but I can't afford it at the moment so that might have to be a project for next year.

I am watering the new block twice a week right now which seems enough but maybe when the summer really hits it might be three times a week - oh, the water bills.

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