Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November bits and pieces

With a showery day (too annoying to do much but still not much in it) I weeded a few beds this morning but spent most of the day indoors working on a new Facebook group for hobby farmers. I am feeling very lazy today.

 Small finches have been eating all the ripening seed pods on my brassicas just before they are ready to pick so I have been trying draping some of my spare row covers over them. Seems to be mostly working so far though I will have to invest in some bird netting soon.

My lotus is finally making its first out-of-the-water leaf. The leaves are pretty small, well smaller than I expected for a lotus so I have the suspicion that I was sold a dwarf variety.

I might have to buy another normal size next year.

I hope it flowers this year. I don't know what colour it will be.

My first two giant pink sword beans (Canavalia gladiata) are finally germinating after being planted a month ago. I did have three but a bird pulled out the third one yesterday. I am not sure that my season will be long enough to get the seeds ripe but it will be fun to give them a go.

I am having so much trouble with birds this year, much more than other years, they pulled out all my oca seedlings yesterday while it was very hot so they are all dead. Luckily I still have one tray that I haven't planted out yet but it is very disappointing.

They are also pulling out every plant label in the rows. I am getting pretty sick of them.

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