Wednesday, November 4, 2015

More dripper pipe arrived today

I have been enjoying sitting indoors most of today. It has been raining for the first time in a long time, not much but it is certainly welcome. Already the lawn and veggies are looking fresher and more alive. There is 11 mm in the gauge and a bit bit more expected overnight.
I think the corn is going to grow a foot taller tonight, lol.

At least with these few cooler days I have been able to get off watering today.

 I got another 5 rolls of dripper tube delivered today, each roll is 200 metres so that is another km of pipe.
That is the last of what I can afford but it is enough. Once I have it out I will have all the beds planted that I need right now.

This dripper tube is doing a great job although my runs seem to be a bit long and losing pressure at the furthest parts so I have bought little taps to put on the dripper lines so I can turn some off to give more pressure to others. This will also be handy for turning off the water to beds with nothing in them.

I am so happy with using this tube for my irrigation that I am going to eventually place all my other blocks under it. I have made the pipe for my small house blocks so I can take it all apart easily for if I lose a block and have to move the whole irrigation system.

Some of my potatoes are dying down but the tubers are still pretty small. I am going to dig up my potato beds and only growing a few of each as the unusual varieties don't sell well at the markets here. I will be able to plant more cost effective veggies in those rows now.

This potato is 'Toolangi Delight'.

I have a few seedlings germinating now which I will put out soon to see if they turn out to be anything different.

I have these pink, top-setting shallots flowering and also producing topsets now. I have been trying to find out their variety name with no success so far.
They are much better eating than the 'usual' golden shallot, and are very good keepers so I will plant more of them in the autumn.
They look much like miniature walking onions as the topsets often also produce more 'stories'. I have never seen them advertised or in other peoples gardens so I am very curious as to their name.

I got them a few years ago off a market stall and the stall owner didn't know anything about them either.

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