Saturday, November 21, 2015

Frustrating neighbours and purple asparagus

I have just come inside after trying to prop up the fence in J block. The neighbours sheep have got through the fence and into my veggies for about the fifth time and I am getting sick of it. He is not home and not answering his phone so I just hope I still have some greenery left in the morning as I can't get the damn things to go back. In this block I have my Painted Mountain corn that I really need to fulfill a contract.
I actually don't mind that he has sheep to keep his block clean as the alternative would be for him to be spraying a lot and that would mean on windy days as he would have to do it when he had the time as he is away a lot. I just wish he would fix up the fence to keep his sheep in.

My purple asparagus is in its second year and showing a bit more life with some more spears. It had a flush a month or so ago.
I planted ten seeds but only managed to get 4 plants growing which is unusual as asparagus is usually easy to grow from seed. Out of the four plants I have one female and three males.

I am really liking this variety as the spears are really sweet and delicious raw and cooked. All asparagus is nice but this one is particularly good.

 The female has a heap of seed pods on it so I will grow a heap more later and put a whole bed in.

One of the neighbours of the' Back block' has a silky oak tree (Grevillea robusta) which I grow a couple of tamarillos under. I always love these trees when they are out in flower, they are spectacular.

The picture below is a closer look at the brush-like flowers. They particularly look good at this time o0f year not only because of the flowers but because they loose their leaves in late winter and grow them again in spring so the leaves right now are looking really fresh and green.

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