Thursday, November 26, 2015

blue tomatoes and windy days

After two days of gale force winds I am actually quite pleased at the lack of damage. I put down all the row covers beforehand, well, all except the ones on the seed block which I forgot.

I have been really enjoying this cooler weather, especially as we are expecting such a hot summer so I will value it as I can, and the plants are too. All the veggies are growing well and I am pleased.

The row covers over the oca on the seed block took a bit of a beating with the first third of each row coming apart, but it could have been worse. Luckily I make these so they fall down in windy weather which stops them from blowing off into the neighbours place.
It is easy to put them back up.

I have a quite a few of Tom Wagners tomatoes in this year and the first to set fruit are the two dark blue cherries 'Fahrenheit Blues' and 'Helsing Junction Blues'
It will be interesting to see which one is the better of the two as most blue tomatoes don't taste great. Luckily Toms tomatoes are not released unless they taste good.

The interesting thing about Fahrenheit Blues is that the leaves are naturally curled as if it is diseased. Apparently this trait was selected for as it allows more light into the fruit which darkens them.

Well, sorry but there is not much else to report today but I will try to write a longer post in a few days.

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