Monday, October 26, 2015

Pusa Asita Carrots and broad beans

Things are still going steady on the blocks. The corn is growing well and I have replanted most of the cucurbits that didn't germinate well. I have a heap of beans coming up now - mostly blue speckled tepary and bush red snake beans but also some others.

I am trialing a new purple-to-the-core OP carrot from India called Pusa Asita and they are flowering now - they have lovely pink flowers.

I was disappointed by the VERY low germination rate so I didn't have any spare to eat but they are setting a lot of seed now so I should be able to taste some when I sow those.
Unfortunately the carrots that did germinate were very misshapen, not long like the reviews suggest. My carrots always grow long and straight in my sandy soil so I don't know what went wrong there.

My broad beans are starting to yellow now and are not long from being ready to pick. We had very strong winds yesterday which knocked a lot of them over and broke off a heap too so I hope the pods on those stems will be mature enough to finish ripening.

The pic on the right is 'Gippsland Giant', one of my favourites - it has big and impressive pods, and the immature beans are delicious with no hint of bitterness so you don't need to double peel the beans, not that I think you should have to do that with any broad beans - it is a wasteful and unnecessary habit.

I am really happy with the drip irrigation system on the new seed block, it really saves a lot of time and effort. I can get a lot of other stuff done while the beds are being watered.

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