Monday, October 19, 2015

Markets and spring seedlings

Another hot one today - I am dreading the coming summer :(   At least the corn is growing well and I should be able to get a good crop. I am having trouble germinating my melons and pumpkins for some reason but at least with the early hot weather I have plenty of time for resowing.

I went to the Hamilton market yesterday that they have every year. It is held in a giant pavillion at the showgrounds. My stall was in the middle of it so this picture is of only one half as I took it from my spot.
It wasn't as busy as other years and there were quite a few empty stall places but it was still a good day out and I enjoyed it even if I didn't make much profit.

I have to admit that I spent some of my profit on some lovely bearded irises.

 I know it is a bit hard to see in these photos but here is a pic of some of my 40m (120feet) rows of corn. The plants are about 10cm tall now.

I am not sure if I will fill the corn order I have but I will give it a good shot. At least I haven't had cockies pulling up the seedlings which I was afraid of.

Here is a row of squash. They are looking very healthy right now.

I am starting to get a few fancier colours from my seedling bearded irises now. I wish there was an easy way of finding out if this exact colour iris is named but I suppose that since there are tens of thousands of named varieties it is unlikely that there is any colour combination that doesn't have a name.

I might give the best ones names just for myself anyway.

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