Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Goings on in the gardens

The unusually hot and dry weather continues and I am having to water my blocks every two days just to keep the seedlings going.

 Beans are coming up everywhere. Although green beans generally don't like our summer heat I am trying a couple of new ones this year, and also a few more snake bean varieties. One snake bean is looking particularly vigorous. It is a particularly long one with bi coloured seeds.

The green beans I am trying against a wall that gives afternoon shade so they might do ok.

The three brassicas I let go to seed this spring have masses of pods on them. This one is Portuguese kale. I will have to net them soon as they start to brown against parrots.

My broad beans started setting pods early this year luckily, before the heat struck, so they have lots of pods on them.

The only broad bean that is not podding well is 'Crimson Flowered'. I was hoping for lots of seed of them this year but that is not to be. At lest I should have plenty for myself for next season, even if I don't have enough to sell.

The pic on the right is of 'Gippsland Giant'. They have very big pods and seeds, and they are very sweet and tasty - no need to double pod them.

After shelling my corn by hand last year and the effort and soore fingers that entailed I decided to buy a cheap corn sheller this year. If it works well and I grow heaps of corn next year I may consider getting a better one then.

I was hoping for a great corn season this year but the snail problem at the moment is terrible and they have taken a lot of the seedlings. Lucky there is still time to replant which I will be doing in the next couple of days.

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