Thursday, October 22, 2015

Garlic harvesting, Chinese potato (Plectranthus rotundifolius) and more

A couple of cool days have allowed me to plant out a heap of capsicum and tomatillo seedlings which have been waiting to go out into the ground. With the how, dry weather we have been having I have been impatient but the seedlings would have died if I planted them out in the wrong weather.

 I have almost finished my garlic harvest. With the unusual weather they have matured early, too early to grow to their normal size, so I hope they will do better next year.

The pic on the left is Large White, about a third of the size they should be.

I only have four beds left to harvest and they should be ready to pull in a couple of weeks, even the elephant garlic which is usually harvested in december. The pic on the right is one bed of Monaro Purple garlic I have brought home.

 I new plant for me this spring is Plectranthus rotundifolius (Chinese potato, even though it is native to Africa)

They are usually boiled and I don't know yet what the taste is like. Some reports say it is bland but some say it is nutty and tasty. Can't wait to find out.

I have a couple of plants that are starting to grow vigorously now.

I have four trays of oca seedlings which will be ready to prick out in a couple of weeks. I have their beds ready and I will wait for a cool day for that.
Last year I pricked them out into pots filled with potting mix and planted the whole pots in the beds. It worked extremely well but I think my soil is the problem with them not doing so well direct so I have built up some beds ready for them with heaps of manure.

I was going to pull out my tamarillos over the winter since they have been having trouble setting fruit in the heat of summer but I never got around to it. They are now huge and straggly and are starting to flower. They have heaps of flowers on them and I think that if they set fruit many of the long branches are going to break under the weight of the fruit.


  1. Any updates on the Plectranthus rotundifolius Rowan.