Saturday, September 19, 2015

Update and a few more spring pictures

Well, I nearly have all the dolomite spread on the seed block, and as I expected I will have to get more. That will have to wait though as I just can't afford it right now. I seem to have plenty of beds left unseeded for the corn, beans, tomatoes and capsicums so there is not too much of a hurry. Although I have a few tomatoes popping up in the hothouse the nights are still too cool to plant them out yet.
I have planted most of the pumpkin and melon seeds that I am sowing this year because they seem to be able to cope with the very light frosts that we may get yet. With our warmer than normal days this year we haven't had hardly any frosts this winter.

Next weekend I am having a stall at the Apsley spring festival. It is a two day event which is a bit strange as it is only a tiny town in the middle of nowhere but the sites were cheap so I thought I will give it a go. I will be selling seeds and tuberous vegetables like potatoes and oca.

If it goes well I should be able to afford some more drip tubing, but if it doesn't go well there is the Horsham spring festival two weeks later which is another two day event which should be much better.
Anyway, it will be a good rest from the garden.

 My one lotus plant is starting to wake up and has popped up its first leaf. I really hope it flowers this year.
I love eating lotus roots and maybe they will grow to eating size this season.

The asparagus is popping up also, and this year the feral neighbourhood cats are mostly leaving it alone. Last year the cats kept eating off the tops of the new shoots.

Even the water chestnuts are saying it is warm enough to shoot. I have an extra two baths for them this year, though I do have to plug up the hole on one which I better get to soon so I can fill it up.

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