Sunday, September 6, 2015

Spring has definitely sprung

Well spring is definitely here. My sister reports that she already has pumpkin seedlings popping up in the garden from last years dropped seeds and temperatures are looking scary - they are predicting two days of 25 C next week. We shouldn't get those sorts of temps till November.

I tipped out my two precious ulluco plants to take cuttings of them and happily found a few pretty tubers so I did a good job getting them over the winter. I wish I had remembered to take my camera out to get a couple of shots of them. One plant has bright red tubers and the other has yellow tubers with red spots. I will have enough plants growing to be able to test them out in a few growing conditions over the summer to see what suits them best.

I don't have any interesting pics for you today so here are a couple of shots of some of my seed stash. I keep my seeds in a cupboard in the coldest room of the house. I haven't bothered getting a fridge for my seeds because I grow and replace them regularly so they don't have a chance to get stale.

I use a lot of honey jars that I buy wholesale as they come in a range of useful sizes and stack well. I will have to get some new shelving as I have run out of room and some seed is being stored under my bed. I think I am turning into a seed hoarder - I just can't stop buying interesting seed.

My trays of seeds that I planted earlier are germinating well and I can't wait to get them out and growing. I think I might sow my cucurbits early too to try and get them growing well before the soil dries out as we have had very little rain and I am afraid the hot weather will start early.

We have not had as many frosts as usual, just cold days so I think I can risk it, I will hold back some seed just in case though.

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