Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I just couldn't help myself - I had to plant something

With the days getting longer and daytime temps slowly creeping up it is difficulty to be patient and wait for the warmer nights to put some seed it. I just had to do something yesterday so I put in some trays of brassicas - cabbage, brussels sprouts, mustard etc.

My broad beans are starting to set pods so I am hopeful that they will be able to ripen them before I have to irrigate them in the hot weather. I will then be able to put something else in the beds, or, I might just experiment with cutting them back to the ground to get them to bear again. I think it will depend on the weather as far as that goes. If it gets too hot they won't set new pods.

My Italian root cabbage is starting to flower, the stems are getting on to 2m tall which I didn't expect. They will look striking when in full flower.
I am impatiently waiting to get seed to start getting these out into the general public. They are soo tasty that I think they will take off.

Here are some trays of brassicas that I sowed yesterday. I chose them because they are most likely to put up with the cold. I will really have to wait to sow all the other seed.

The beds of white beetroot were in a block where I have decided to let some silverbeet go to seed so I figured that it was much easier to transplant the beetroot than the larger silverbeet plants. These will get planted at the new seed block tomorrow. I chose 40 of the best plants and the rest I left to go to the next market in a few weeks.

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