Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Got my soil test yesterday

I received my soil test yesterday for the new seed block. Wow, I knew the soil was bad but it turns out is even worse and much more acid that I thought. Basically, if you took a pot of washed river sand and placed a spoonful of vinegar in it, that would be similar to the soil on that block. It is surprising that even weeds can grow on it. There isn't even hardly any micro nutrients in it - just a lot of aluminium and iron which is toxic to plants under these conditions but will be fixed if I can get the PH up to at least 6. At the moment the PH is around 4.5

First thing this morning I went to my local farm supply store and ordered 4 tonnes of dolomite to be delivered tomorrow (hopefully). At least that will help with the lack of calcium and magnesium on the first hectare until I can afford more. I will still have to add a heap more fertiliser high in micro-nutrients which are low to non-existent, and I also have to add a lot of nitrogen.

It is only three weeks till planting so I have to start work immediately to even have a chance of growing anything.

The dolomite will arrive tomorrow hopefully, but since I have a lot of irrigation pipe laid out I can't get it spread by truck so I will have to spread it all by hand, one bed at a time. That is going to keep me very busy till the end of the month *sigh*. The wheelbarrow is going to get a solid workout, as well as my back.

I am so glad I got this test done so I can fix problems before they start otherwise I would be struggling to get plants growing and no know why. It is definitely worth it.

In the mail today I got my new soil sieve with three inserts. This will make some seed cleaning much easier.


  1. Where did you buy the sieve from?

    1. I bought it off Ebay from Japan.

    2. Ah, right. I googled around and that was the best I could find as well. Based on no pronounced dissatisfaction on your part, I might have a whack at buying some as well :-)