Thursday, August 13, 2015

They're all telling me it's spring

With the temperatures creeping up a degree or two it is starting to feel like spring although it is still two months till our last frost day.

 I am going to two local spring festivals next month so I ordered a banner to put on my stall. I will be selling seeds.

I am so happy with it. The quality is great.

My brassicas are all putting up flower stems. I have kohlrabi, Portuguese cabbage and Italian root cabbage in and they will all be flowering shortly.
I dug in a bed of flowering Asian cabbage today that I didn't want seed off and that will help the soil as a green manure.

Can't wait to start planting, in fact I have already started with planting all my tuberous veggies at the new block.

Last year I had a problem with mite damage in a couple of garlic beds but this time there are only half a dozen plants in total which are stunted and sick. I am happy about that.

This bed is going well but some of the other beds on D block are so tall that you would think they are nearly ready to dry off for harvest. I hope it doesn't dry out too early this spring and then I am going to have a great crop of garlic.

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