Thursday, August 27, 2015

Potential drought and pics of newer stuff

Sorry it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Most of you know that it is the slow time of the year and there just isn't that much to talk about, so I have been saving it up, lol.

It is almost the end of August now and although it has been cold and we have had a few days of drizzle, it is scary that we have had so little real rain. August and September are the wettest months of the year here and if we don't get some real rain to top up the subsoil next month we will be in a bit of trouble.
The river and the dams are still low and it is beginning to get worrying to think of the dry time ahead till this time next year. I just hope that we get a decent amount of rain next month.

 I have laid out quite a bit of dripper tube on the new seed block but still have a few thousand dollars worth to go before mid November. I just hope it doesn't get so dry I have to start using it before then. The plumber is coming out in the next couple of weeks to install the backflow device which will be another chunk out of the budget but has to be done.

I will be starting to put in some trays of seed in the hothouse next week to plant out in Oct.
 I have just potted up my mauka seedlings and will put in some more seed shortly. They will be ready to plant out in beds when the frosts finish.

I am really looking forward to growing these and tasting the roots.

I noticed this morning that my few native parsley plants are starting to put out flower stems. It is a bit early but at least they have survived the cold winter so far. Native parsley is a succulant plant found on Australian beaches and dunes that tastes exactly like 'normal' parsley.

I found last year that it sets plenty of seed that germinates readily so I might grow a bed of it for seed later.

My precious Ulluco plants are growing strongly and putting out lots of runners. They are getting too big for their pots so I will plant them outside when the frosts finish in early October.

I feel blessed to have a couple of plants and hope for great things from them if they survive the summer.

Alhtough we haven't had much rain the soil is damp enough that there are plenty of worms. This is a great sign.

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