Sunday, August 9, 2015

First warmish day, time to get to work

We finally got a warmish and sunny day today and I was champing at the bit to get some work done. I sprayed some weed and feed on our weedy lawn, went to the tip and got some rolls of old rabbit wire to put around the fences to keep rabbits out, and also fertilised all the garlic beds.

Whew, I am exhausted. It doesn't take much work to tire me out at the moment, I could blame it on age but it is really that I haven't been doing any work at all over the last couple of months and I am unfit.

My yacon has started shooting early so I took a heap of planting tubers out and planted a 40m row of them at the new seed block.
While I was at it I also planted out all my last years oca seedling tubers to assess them. All that planting took up half the day.

I had to get the yacon out but the ground is still full of weed seeds and running grass runners so I will be struggling later in the warmer weather to keep the weeds and grass under control in those rows.

I have been buying seeds like crazy since I have been bored and idle so hopefully a few days of work will get that out of the system, especially as I really need that money to go into my drip system instead.

I hate this time of year as every sunny day gets me in the mood for sowing seed but I know it is way too early yet. It happens every year at this time. Watching all the deciduous tree coming out in flower really doesn't help.

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