Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Agronomist visit and mauka seedlings again

It is still too cold to go out and do anything so I have been doing some tidying up and not much else.
Yesterday I was visiting a friend over in the Mount who grows fresh vegetables and while I was there his agronomist called. I was mentioned and I spoke to him and told him what I was doing so he made an appointment to come and visit me this morning

With no-one else locally to talk to - my local agronomist is experienced in grazing and large scale cropping, not what I am doing - it was really good to find someone who can not only supply me with some of the things I need cheaper, but also has advice that I can use as he has more experience with small acreage fruit and vegetable growing.

He gave me some advice on some of the problems I have been having with my dripper system and is going to come out and do a soil test in a couple of weeks a lot cheaper than my local guy.

Wow, it is so nice to discuss things with a guy who knows what he is talking about. He will definitely be my go to guy in the future, and it is handy that he travels through Casterton twice a month on other business so he can drop off stuff I get from him as he passes and that will save a lot on freight.

I now have 4 mauka seedlings up and although they are a bit slow at germinating in the cold I will plant out another tray tomorrow.

I am not sure if I have already discussed my reasoning for planting them in winter before but I wanted to give them as long a growing time as possible to get them to a decent size before the heat of summer hits.
They are a cold weather plant so I assumed, rightly, that they would not mind the cold too much as long as they didn't freeze.

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