Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Getting the irrigation system up

With the cold weather stopping all my other work I made a start on my drip irrigation system on the new seed block as soon as we got a nice day.

 This is the fertigation set-up with a venturi fixing. This is an easy and cheap way of running liquid fertiliser or liquid fish or kelp soil improver through the drippers. The piece on the left will have a tube fixed on it that operates to draw up the fertiliser through a vaccum caused when you mostly shut off the water with the left tap and divert the water through it.

It has no moving parts or electronics so is easy to maintain.

My main cross pipes are 3/4 inch rural poly and the 13mm dripper tubes are attached to it. The main line that runs the length of the 6acre block is 1 inch rural. I would have gone with a larger diameter but that is the size of the pipe coming from the supply so that is what I am stuck with.Although I finally found a place that sells the right joiners for this set up it really doesn't work well and I will have to seal the attachments with UV resistant silicone to stop leaks. There has to be a much better way but I can't find it.

Most people use the softer low pressure pipe but with the distances I am working with I decided to go with the rural pipe instead.

I have just completed all the left hand side and when I can afford the next thousand dollars woth of dripper line I will start on the next. I don't know how much I will be able to afford after that and before spring planting in october. Even if I only get these two lines done it will be a good start anyway.

My Portuguese kale is starting to show flowering stems. I never understand why this plant is called kale as it is a true cabbage with true cabbage taste. It is also called Tronchuda kale.

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  1. Fertigation is the way to go and overlooked by the majority. In fact, I am brewing and actively aerated compost tea at the moment which is in turn 'fed' to my crops via Fertigation. Good luck with it Ro.