Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Winter tasks between showers

Unfortunately the showery weather over the last week means that I don't have much to report. The weeds are not growing fast so it is easy to keep them under control and it has been too damp to want to go out and do any work.

 However I did get out and do a couple of small jobs between the showers as I am already getting a bit stir crazy.
I started digging up the last two beds of yacon. You can see that it has not completely died down but since we have a long growing season the tubers are at full size so it is not going to damage them. I just have to find a place to store all the eating and planting tubers, about twice as much as last year. I think I will have to buy some more big rubbish bins for them.
I found that they store well when layered in bins with damp coir fibre.

Something else I got done today is prune all the young grapes I have growing on an old fence between two of my block.
They are very nice varieties so I also put a heap of cuttings in also with the prunings.

I am waiting for my new seed block to be rotary hoed which might be a couple of weeks away, then I will take a week or two off to go and visit some friends over Geelong way, then I might spend some time hiking in the bush around here.

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