Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ulluco and oca taste test

Over the last week we have had a couple of inches of rain which is great but stopped me from doing much work, well, there isn't much to do now anyway.

I have been planning my drip irrigation system for the new seed block and it is going to cost a lot more than I expected. Oh well, as long as I do it right it will pay for itself in the long run. I am going to be poor for a long time. Not much change there then :)

 My two little ulluco tubers have shot well. I am having to molly coddle them, at least for the next couple of months till we are getting more than twelve hours of sunlight a day.
Because they are awake now instead of going dormant I am having to keep them growing till spring when they will be able to cope without the extra care.
I am taking them out to the poly house during the day for the stronger light and inside at night in the hope that the room lights are enough for them.

I did my oca taste test on my new seedlings today. I waited a week till they were showing some signs of dehydration but I should have waited a bit longer for them to sweeten further.

There wasn't a lot of difference in the taste of most of them - just different amounts of starchiness, sweetness and sourness, but I will leave the tubers a bit longer to dry them out a bit more and taste them again.

There were a three that were definitely keepers on taste, and luckily one of those also scored well for production. They had a lovely blend of starchiness and sweetness that I particularly liked. next year when they are out in the ground they will be more harshly judged and the serious culling will leave me with only two or three to go on with.
The one I showed in a past post with the extra long stolons was one with a very pleasant taste so I am curious to see whether the long stolons will be enough to have it culled even though I like the taste.
This is so much fun.

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