Saturday, May 30, 2015

Yes it's oca again

I know some of you have already seen these pictures as I have been spreading them about the last couple of days, but I just can't stop looking at them. They are so pretty.

 These are the results of this seasons true seed mix and I am really happy with the variety and plant types.

The last post had a picture of the best performing plant of this mix, it is number 27 here. It ended up at just under 1kg of of tubers which is amazing considering that the tubers had not finished growing, and the plant was planted in a small pot.

All the plants had not died down yet so the tubers are still small. I had to harvest them due to a wallaby and mice showing an interest in the tubers. Due to them being planted in pots and not able to perform at their best I was not judging them on productivity this year but I will next year when they go out in their own beds.

I still have a heap of little plants in pots in my shadehouse which never got planted out with these as they germinated too late, they will produce mini tubers which I will plant with this lot next spring.

I have left one of each of these tubers out to taste when they sweeten in a few days.

With the new acreage I have now I will be able to give each of these a separate bed which will make it easier to evaluate them. I notice that last years seedlings that I planted all in the same bed have flopped over each other which may make it harder to sort each one out. I am glad I took pictures of each of those last season.

Hopefully my next post will be about my yacon harvest. The yacon don't want to die down this year but they still should have fully formed tubers so I will dig them anyway.

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