Thursday, May 14, 2015

Phew, that was a lot of work

Well, since most of the rain is gone for a while I thought I will get the borrowed rotary hoe out of the shed and fire it up.

It hadn't been used for a while and I just couldn't get it going, even after changing out the old fuel so I got a home visit from the local small engine mechanic. He spent an hour on it, pulling it apart and cleaning stuff before finally getting it going, and then only wanted to charge me $30. I told him he had to charge me more so when I went into the shop to pay, and buy a set of earmuff (this monster is awfully LOUD) I ended up making him charge $60 which I still thought was undercharging but ok.

 I thought I would get started on this side of the 3/4 acre area which is covered in Buffalo grass. I had already started digging three beds before giving up.
The monster (this rotary hoe is as huge and heavy as an elephant, awkward, hard to use, and dangerous) had a hard time with the Buffalo and didn't do a god job on it so I will try spraying it again and waiting till it dies off completely.
Here is the result of spending some time on the buffalo. I ended up giving up on it and heading over to the other side of the area with no buffalo and the going was much better. The other side is so nicely and neatly done now and ready to plant. I will finish this whole area when I get back to it in a few days (I have other weeding duties to attend to in the meantime)

It is a love/hate relationship with this machine - I hate how exhausting it is to work with, but how nice it is to get more done in a few hours than I could normally do by hand in a month.

The other job I got done today is to start putting rabbit mesh all around the fences.
The mesh I bought is not as thick and strong as 'normal' rabbit netting but only half the price so it is all I can afford at this time. It will still last a few years, just not as long as the stronger stuff.

The rabbit mesh is clipped to the fence wire with enough left on the ground to dig in to stop the rabbit digging under it. It actually looks quite neat and is very effective.
I will also use some of the left over netting to put around the bigger mesh on the chook tractors I am still planning to build.

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