Saturday, May 2, 2015

New new block news

Ok, so the block I was in negotiations with fell down over the water issue, but I am thankful in a way as I was thinking that the hassle with working with two other parties might turn out to be a fair problem.

Anyway, I have been offered a new bock to use and hopefully I will sign the papers tomorrow or the next day.

 It is nice and flat but does have a bit of buffalo grass on it to control. At least I am getting good at controlling running grass weeds.
There are a couple of trees but they are not a problem. The biggest problem is that there are rabbits about so I will have to buy a couple of very expensive rolls of rabbit wire to put around it.
I will be starting using 2 acres of it but there is more when I am ready to expand.

The soil is sandy but not nearly as bad as the other block I was looking at. At least I like working in sand.

I should be able to spray the buffalo grass shortly and get started. The couple of horses on this block will be going shortly.

Now I just have to come up with a name for the block. My sister will tell me off if I go with something as boring as 'The seed block' so I will have to rack my brains before my next post.

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