Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My precious new babies

With cool but perfect weather over the last few days I have been able to get a load of weeding done so I am almost to the end of the work I need to do.

Look at my precious new babies. I was sure that there were no ulluco tubers to be had in Australia that I was contemplating a nefarious act to get some but someone I had swapped seeds with sent me these two tiny tubers. I have been so happy since the postie came.

Ulluco tubers look a bit like oca but is not related. They are a bit more sensitive so will have to be coddled until I am able to propagate them next spring/summer but I think they will be worth it.

I had a bit of time so I pulled up the pots that have this years oca seedlings. This year I planted them in 11cm pots and buried the pots in the beds. I did something right as these seedlingss grew to full size and are producing so well that they are tuberising outside the pots.

This plant is the best and most vigorous of this lot of seedlings and I am very happy with it.
Wow, this pic really shows the extra weight I have put on over the past couple of years. I will have to do something about that.

This seedling is producing tubers of very long stolons which is a pain when it comes to harvesting so I think at this stage that it will be culled.

The only thing that will save it is if there is something really special about the tubers when I harvest them.

All of the seedlings are looking a bit like this one, with a pot full of tubers so they are growing stolons outside the pots.

Of course, the plants have not fully died down yet so the tubers are not full sized, so I will wait till they are dead before making individual judgements.

Since this has been such a success I will experiment next year with more fertile beds and some in bigger pots buried in the soil to see how they compare.

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