Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mangels, potatoes and yacon

With the cooler and damper weather my workload is dropping off dramatically and I will have to plan for what I am going to do over winter. I have a heap of weeding to do and rotary hoeing over at the new seed block but soon the weeds will stop growing and I will take my holidays.
It is starting to become difficult to find things to update my blog with.

Luckily I have a few people to visit and stay with in the winter, I never get to see some of them during the rest of the year. And I might do a bit more exploring in the bush for something to do. I might get back into scambaiting for something to do when it is too wet to do anything outside.

 Today I pulled and selected my red Mangels. They are always a great seller at the markets so I put the worst ones away to sell in Hamitlon next week.

For some reason I am low on seed but this bed will fix that in the summer.

A few weeks ago we had a couple of light frosts that were not enough to kill back the spuds but now they are naturally dying back.
I like it when winter cuts them down so I have a chance to weed the beds properly, and I will have plenty for the market.

The yacon is still trying to stay green but a few frosts on it should kill them down so I can harvest them.
It seems that they are staying green for longer this year and I am looking forward to eating them.
Pity they are more of a salad vegetable and hard to sell in winter.

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