Saturday, May 9, 2015

Brrrr, Are we going straight into winter?

The cold and wintry weather is continuing, making it far too easy to make excuses for sitting inside. Although we are getting lots of showers the soil is still totally dry a few cm down so we need a lot more. At the moment it is just cold and wet enough that I can't get anything productive done, but not enough to do much good.

 My oca is dying down now and I will be able to dig the tubers in a couple of weeks or so. Some people make the mistake of digging it as soon as the tops die down but the tubers continue to grow for a couple of weeks so you mustn't be too impatient.
Then you should leave them out to sweeten for a couple more weeks before you cook them.

I did a bit of an experiment with my oca and yacon this season with mulch and covers to see what sort of differences I would find and will bring you the results when they are dug.

I haven't grown maca for a few years but when I did I was surprised that it did so well under the cover of my asparagus.
I have put a tray of seeds in and after only a couple of days they are germinating - sorry, but if you don't have a magnifying glass you will just have to trust me that there are seedlings showing in this tray, lol.

I wasn't too impressed with the taste of the tubers but they were definitely better when left out in the sun for a week to sweeten. Anyway, I have decided to try again and cover them with shadecloth in the summer. They prefer to be germinated in cold weather which is why I am starting them now.

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