Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A nasty taste of winter and carrot selection

Today we got a real taste of winter with cold, showers and gale force winds. Although I got out to do a little bit of work between showers this morning it was good to have a rest day inside. The bonus was that the new greenhouses didn't move - what a load off my mind as I was worried they wouldn't stand up to our strong spring winds.
Our cootamundra on the nature strip blew over onto the road so we had to call the council to come and remove it.

This tree was at the end of its life span and had already started to die so it was only a matter of time. These trees only live 10-14 years and this one was 13 years old.

When I called the council they said that it had already been reported a couple of times so people are quick off the mark.
Anyway, after three uteloads off to the tip the strip is now looking all bare.

Between showers this morning I got stuck into one of my beds of carrots that I will be collecting seed off. These are yellow 'Juan du Doubs' which is probably my favourite carrot after 'Topweight' for ease of growing and no hassles.
After pulling them all I started selecting the best roots to replant and allow to go to seed.
I got some giants in the bed such as those on the left.

I kept all those that were well formed and large for their age.
There were two off coloured ones that were cream instead of yellow and those were brought home to put in the freezer.

All the best ones were snapped in half so I could check for woody cores. Woody ones are easy to tell as they don't snap cleanly. I only found a single carrot that was a bit iffy in that department.

 The bottoms of the roots were put in the freezer.

 I planted these carrots in soil that was too rich and that came out in a lot of real shockers, but that is ok because I can then select those that kept their shape in these conditions.
There were only one split root to reject also which was great as when I first started growing these I had to reject a lot of large split roots so my selecting seems to be working well, I get less every time.
The shockers were put in the freezer as they were still good to eat.

I ended up with only just over 50 best roots to replant because of all the mis-shapen ones but that is enough as these are prolific seeders. I have a nice lot of carrot in the freezer now for winter veg and soups.

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