Friday, April 24, 2015

Survival bow and land found - maybe

Sorry I haven't kept up with my posts this last week. I was either too lazy, or it slipped my mind - I really don't have any good excuse.

Ok back to business. I was messaged by someone this morning with some land on the edge of town so I am going to have a look at it tomorrow, and if it is suitable we will negotiate an arrangement for me to grow my vegetables for seed. I really hope it works out as I haven't had any other interest.
If it works out I may even be able to get some things planted now as the soil is still warm and I won't have to wait till spring.

While I think of it - I don't think I updated on my hopniss flowers. Unfortunately the flowers died with no sign of setting pods. It was disappointing but not surprising.
My lotus finally died without setting any flowers. I will have to pull it up tomorrow and see if it produced tubers.
I love eating lotus tubers so I hope it does better next summer.

 Today I received my survival bow from Primal Gear Unlimited. It is a folding bow designed to be small and easy to carry in an emergency.

Now I just have to buy some gear - arrows, guards and stuff. Oh... more stuff to buy, woe is me.

My friends who also got these bows and I did a little practice with a few arrows they had lying around and I found that although I like the bow it will take some getting used to.
As it is all metal, it is a bit weighty and I am not sure about the metal fatigue angle, but I am sure the manufacturers research has fixed any problems there.

Its best feature is its folded size (it folds like a pocket knife, not comes apart like some other bows) and it seems to be a good item to put away in a small, handy spot.

I will update you all on my search for land in my next post.

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