Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rosella and kohlrabi

After a beautiful morning we had a few lovely showers which will be enough to keep everything damp enough that I won't have to water for a few days, especially with the cooler weather helping. I might even be able to cut the watering down to once a week until the rain comes now if I am lucky.

My rosella plants are ripening their pods now. It is strange that the smaller pods are opening well before the larger, older ones.
I picked a pocketful today and will have to pick every day I think as they open because the seeds will easily fall out onto the ground. I have noticed that many pods are starting to go mouldy on the plants with this cooler and moister weather so I might have to try and select for earlier ripening.

I was pleased at how these grew in my climate and will plant them every year now. The caylix and young leaves are tasty and although I didn't have enough this year to cook with and make into drinks (I only grew 6 plants) I will plant a lot more next year.

I decided that I just didn't have the energy to dig holes and bury the corn stalks this year so I have planted snow peas between them which will give the added bonus of me not having to put up a frame for them to grow on.
I think that as the corn is now dead that the roots will not be putting out any reed damping chemicals so the peas should grow fine.
By the time I have grown a couple of lots of peas the stems should be pretty much rotted off and will not be too much of a hassle.

Some months ago I wrote about some kohlrabi plants that I didn't get around to removing and since they flowered very poorly they kept growing and were producing small bulbs on the branches.
I left the plants in the ground just to see how they developed and now each plant has a number (3-5) large bulbs on them. I will pick them for the next market.

I am not sure if growing them this way is cost effective because of the time and need to plant them further apart but with each plant producing multiple bulbs it is something to think about.

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