Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Puter troubles and Chinese yams

Sorry about the late post, my 'puter monitor decided to give up the ghost, it was pretty geriatric anyway, and of course I couldn't get another one over Easter. After my sister and her family who were visiting left this morning I popped over to Mt Gambier to buy another monitor - boy, they are more expensive than I expected.

Of course, I never get anything done when my sister and her kids are here because I just want to spend time with them, so I am grateful it was a bit cold and showery over the holidays. I went and inspected everything this afternoon and it is all great. There is still no sign of the Red-Legged Earth Mites which is great.

 I dug up a couple of young Chinese yam plants (Dioscorea opposita) from the garden and will taste one tonight. Last year these were tubers the size of my thumb. I expected them to be a bit bigger but I shouldn't expect much as they were planted late.

I also picked the first of my Kumi Kumi pumpkins which are a heritage pumpkin from New Zealand.
They can be picked young and used like zucchini or allowed to mature and used like pumpkin.

So far I have only roasted it but my mother and sister announced it as delicious and one that I must plant again. Apparantly (You can tell I didn't have any) is is a pumpkin for people who don't like pumpkin as it is sweet and nutty but with little 'traditional' pumpkin taste.

Luckily this one is a good keeper but not nearly as hard to get into as the small sugar pumpkins I was talking about on one of my posts not long ago. All I could wish to have extra is more flesh to seed ratio.

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