Monday, April 20, 2015

News bites

Here is a list of my bits of random news for today:

1, We had the first 'proper' frost of the year this morning. Lucky I had covered up anything that I needed to keep going a bit longer but it finished off the pumpkins, gourds and potatoes. I have been expecting it and it did no serious damage.

2, I have been having trouble with a wallaby living in the semi abandoned garden a couple of houses down coming out at night and chomping on my veg, mostly it has a taste for beets- silverbeet and mangels. The main problem is not the chomping, but the damage to my seedling beds. A dog has footprints only a couple of inches with but you can imaging the damage to soft soil and seedlings with the wallabys 40kg footprints that are as bit as your forearm, and if they are walkhopping, the heavy tail dragging behind as well. One or two passes through a bed and all the seedlings are gone.

3, Anyway, I decided that the main reason that it comes out at night is for water (from my baths of water chestnuts) so last night I put a bucket of water on that side of the fence and rammed a post in the small hole that it makes its way into my block through. It has been eating so much that I have noticed that it is getting too fat to jump over our 5ft fences. This morning I noticed that it had tipped over the water trying to get through the hole but it couldn't so I refilled the bucked and hopefully it will stay put now.

 4, My finger limes are ripening now so I will have a few to pick over the next week or so.
These are more than just a novelty. They are tasty and I love the citrussy, caviar-looking flesh on crackers with cream cheese or ham. It also makes a great garnish on many dishes.

I picked my first Silver Edge pumpkin today. This pumpkin is grown for the large seeds, not for the miniscule amount of flesh.
These are not terribly productive, don't produce a lot of fruits for the size of the vines, but the fruits produce more seeds than the fully hulless pumpkins I grew a couple of years ago, and the size of the seeds make them not too much trouble to peel.

I only grew one vine but it produced 5 full sized fruits and a couple that were too immature to survive after last nights frost.

5, The seed company I posted about in my last post got back to me and I was surprised and happy with the prices they are willing to pay for the seeds they wanted. Many of the seeds they wanted are from veg that I already grow, I just have to grow more of them.
Now I just have to find 3-4 acres of land to either lease or sharecrop. Unfortunately most of the small paddocks on the edge of town have horses on them. I am busy asking around to try and find someone willing to let me use their land.

This is the time when I wish I could win tatts just for the amount of money need to buy a small block and not have to bother leasing as land around here is pretty cheap. I hope that the fact that I already have a sale for the crop sways someones mind and they think about the money they can make from the deal. Time will tell.

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