Thursday, April 30, 2015

New update on the new block

It is sooo close, but I have run into a small stumble with the new block. Our water authority will not allow more than one tenant to use a single water meter and post the bill to one of them, so they ask that I take over the whole bill (including the tenants in the house attached to the land, they post the bill to the land owner/landlord who then sends it back to me to pay.

I don't mind doing this as I doubt the tenants in the house use a lot of water but it is a pain because, not only because the landlord has to agree to it, and it seems that the water board has had trouble with her in the past so I hope that does not become an issue, but it also means that the landlord will be more involved and might lay a claim to the tenants share of the sharecrop.
I really hope it works out, I will find out if the landlord is ok with it tonight or tomorrow.

I had to bring this issue to the water board because of their 'Fair use' thingy so that the tenant in the house doesn't get in trouble for using much more water than they should.

On a brighter note, the seed company that I will be growing for has asked for a lot more seed from other veggies that I grow, as well as garlic and other tubers that they want to put in their catalogue in the future. I wish we had got together earlier so I had time to put more in for them, but I did go out and find some manky, left over garlic bulbs in the shed and dig a couple more beds for it.
As long as I am able to get these extra acres I will be set. It will be a hell of a lot more work but it should pay well.

 My potato onion beds are shooting nicely. These are some that I got at a market to try, but I was also sent about 50 million seeds (lol) of Green Mountain potato onion from a friend, some of which I have planted.
I promised not to sell any of those seeds so with this extra land (fingers crossed) I will have plenty more beds to plant it so I can do some serious selecting later in the year.

My tamarillos are ripening now. Boy, they take a long time. They went from green to purple and now to red which is when you know they are ripe.

I was going to pull out the trees as most of them didn't fruit at all but I think I will keep this one which seems to be a better bearer.

The new restaurant in town wanted a few bunches of white beetroot today so I took the opportunity to pull one bed to select seed parents for the spring. I usually don't do my digging and selecting until winter but I suppose it doesn't hurt to do it now.
The restaurant got the second best and the best and biggest for their age plants were replanted.
Hmmm, maybe if I do my root crop selecting now I might free up enough space to put in another bed or two of seed crop. It is a bit late but I can risk a bit of seed in case we get a mild winter.

The only other bit of news over the last couple of days is my continuing addiction to seed buying. It was too cold to get out and do much yesterday so I got on the computer and couldn't help myself - if you are interested, among my seed purchases was 'Bear necessities' kale from adaptive seeds in the US. Have a look - I bet you wouldn't be able to resist them either.

I really have to stop, I am not going to be able to afford to buy anything from now on.

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