Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New block ready to go

Ok, it is now a 'go'. I have the new block (Hmmm, what am I going to call it) and will start working on it shortly to get it ready for spring planting.
It will take a lot of work and money to get it going but I have big plans for it.

At least with a sharecropping plan in action I am not forking out lease money so I am able to spend the cash I have to improve and plant it. A share of the seed crop whe it is sold takes the place of rent.
Now I will start by buying in a couple of trucks of compost to start getting the very poor sand to a point that I can grow vegetables in it. I will spread out the compost in a 6 inch layer over as much of the land as I can, adding more to fill up the 3 acres as I can afford it. Then I will dig it in with a rotary hoe (We will have to organise getting the rotary hoe here Craig :)  and plant green manure crops in it.

I have a heap of spare broad bean and silverbeet seed so I will use that as green manure, and sprinkle it with Seasol and fertiliser until I get the sand fertile enough that I won't need to use artificial fertiliser. I then have the option of harvesting some for seed or fresh veg as I go.
A few weeks before spring I will dig it all in to the soil and that will start the process of turning the sand into good soil. The last three years have given me a lot of experience in turning sand into soil so it shouldn't take as long this time.

At least at this time of year I stall have 6 months to get the water pipes and taps in so I don't have to worry about water at this time.

 I have dug a few of my hopniss plants for tubers to sell. These were only one year plants so not yet big enough to eat. I will keep one bed over for second year bigger tubers next year.
I didn't really have much interesting to take pictures of today so I snapped off a pic of a rhubarb plant. They are looking magnificent at the moment. I will pick a heap for the market next sunday.

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