Friday, April 3, 2015

Frost scare and Love Lies Bleeding

After the second very early light frost gave me a scare this morning I am going to have to make some plans for the plants that still need time to mature. It should be at least another few weeks till frosts are due but the nights have been getting quite cold and I think there will be more early frosts.
The oca has not even thought about tuberising so I have decided to cover them with a second layer of shadecloth not only to give them a degree or two of extra protection, but in the hope that the extra darkness will encourage them to start tuberising now. I will cover the ends tomorrow when I find a few odd pieces of shadecloth.

I have left one oca bed with the usual one layer so I can see if the extra is making a difference. It will be a good experiment if nothing else.

This is a picture of my neighbours 'Love lies bleeding amaranth. I took a picture as it is quite spectacular - much better than this picture shows. It is 6 feet tall and the flower heads are heavy.

I am always being asked if I sell flower seeds as well as my vegetables and I think I will take some seed of this plant and put into packets when it is ready.
I will look around for other flowers that I can collect seed from, I am growing more flowers among my veg so that will be a start.

Now that we are half way into autumn I am very pleased with how things are going. With the cooler weather the veg seedlings are growing very well, as are the weeds, lol.
I have started bringing in the pumpkins and put in a few new beds of peas today. In another month I will put in come more beds of broad beans, I am always impatient and put them in all at once but I am trying to spread the plantings out more now.

The new greenhouses are going well and I already have a heap of potted plants in there, but I have to wait till after Easter till I get some compost to fill up the raised beds.The Arracacha and other Inca perennials are still in pots ready to transplant back into those raised beds.


  1. I've woken several mornings around 4am hearing the frost fans going in Coonawarra, it always wakes me as there are several close to town and if they all kick in at the same time it's like hearing a helicopter take off..I've always wondered what that plant is as I've seen it in several gardens but the people who had it never knew what it actually is quite stunning

    1. Nice to hear from someone close by.