Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chinese yam taste test

Last post I promised to taste test my Chinese yams.After reading some poor reviews on the net, well... not much of what I want to know about the taste anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty it is.

Raw, it was bland and slightly sweet but not too bad, not something I would go out of my way to eat though, but boy, did it get better when cooked.
I peeled one tuber and cut it into three. One part I ate raw, one part boiled and the last, roasted.
When boiled or roasted it turned out the taste and texture of potato but a little sweeter. Not like sweet potato but normal potato. I have to admit that I preferred it boiled but roasted was not far behind, and it did roast to a satisfying golden colour and crispness, just like 'normal' potato. It was delicious so I will be putting a lot more plants in next spring. I will have to hill the beds though as they grow deep adn are a pain to dig, even in my sand. I will wait a few more weeks then check the ones in my raised be which I made to pull apart just for this problem.

 Here is a picture of one of my beds of garlic. All the garlic beds are looking great and growing well.
If the spring doesn't heat up early like it did this last season I will have a great crop of all my varieties.
With weeds really taking off now I will have to get busy weeding them shortly. I am guessing that the weatehr is so good that I will have to do at least three weedings.

I have started filling up the raised beds in my new greenhouse ready for the slightly frost tender perennial veg. I am going to experiment with growing a couple of beds outdoors too this year as I have a good amount of spare plants now.

I am filling the beds with layers of this commercial compost, wheat straw and chicken manure. This always works well and keeps the soil friable. The only downside from using so much straw is that the soil sinks a lot as it breaks down and I have to top up the beds a couple of times a year.

This particular delivery of compost seems to be very good so I will get another load for D block before they get new stuff in. It breaks down so quickly in the sand that I have to add more to the beds constantly. On the up side, the plants are growing better than ever so it is working.

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