Sunday, April 26, 2015

Autumn turning into winter

We still have another month of 'official' autumn to go but the days are getting colder now and I think today got not much over 10 c, with a bit of drizzle, so, making the excuse that it is sunday, I decided not to do much outside work today.
I was good though - I got all the paperwork that had been piling up done. Tax time is coming up fast, lol.

Yesterday I went to find out about a new patch of dirt to grow my veg for seed on. The soil is poor and very sandy but at least I am used to dealing with that, even if it takes a lot of money to improve it. The land is rented and the tenants are very eager to earn a bit more money for no extra output on their part. All they have to do is make sure their landlord is happy with them subletting those acres. They seem to think their landlord will come to the party.
Just have to wait now while they get something in writing from their landlord and look over the draft contract I left with them.

 Here is a picture of the back half of 'Back' block. It looks a bit bare with the seedlings still too small to see well in a picture like this.
I think the time to plant seeds is over now so any empty beds will stay empty now. The soil is getting too cool to germinate and grow plants well now.

My bath tubs of water chestnuts are dying down fast. It will be interesting to see how big the tubers are as the plants, although healthy, never grew to a large size, even with better care and larger root space.
I will find out in the next couple of weeks.

As we have started to get some frosts I took the advice of someone who breeds oca and picked off some flowering stems and put them in water to continue to flower and set seed and placed them in my hothouse.
It certainly looks like some of the flowers have set as they have not fallen off, and I hope I get some seed pods to ripen.

My gourd plants have died so I will pick the fruits sometime soon. There is no hurry and it doesn't hurt them to wait in the block till I can find room for them.

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