Thursday, March 12, 2015

WOW, lookie here *big smiley*

I am having the best week ever, look at all the great things that have happened over the last few days.
Not only is the weather perfect for getting my seedlings up before the red legged earth mites hatch and try to wipe them out, but the new cafe/restaurant in town wants to buy my veggies - and they are from New Zealand so they love any unusual fruits and veg.

 And look here!! - for the first time since I started growing hopniss (Apios americana) 3 or 4 years ago they are starting to flower, well, making flower buds. Whether there is enough time before the frosts to get pods ripe is another story but I am looking forward to the pretty pink flowers.
It is a legume so it should be self fertile, so if I am very lucky I might get some seeds from it.

For those who don't know, this climber produces nutritious tubers and also is great at making nitrogen nodules for the soil.

Aaand, I got these little stand up bags in the post from Ebay. They are perfect for the larger seeds that I have had trouble packaging neatly.
Here are a couple of packets of broad beans and corn. They are going to look superb with the other trays of seed on my tables at the markets.

And finally, I have been getting heaps of seeds in the mail this week from various seed sellers and private individuals. I love getting seeds in the mail, even though it is costing a lot.

I have already been out from dawn till dark preparing beds and sowing. I think I am all out of empty beds right now and still have a heap of seeds to sow.
One of the new additions is 'Novella' shelling peas. They produce hardly any leaves, just thick tendrils. I couldn't help myself, lol. My sister is growing one or two other interesting pea varieties and I will grab some seeds of her when she produces some.

My oca is looking awful as it normally does at this time of year when the stems are long and sprawled with leaves at the very ends.
 This is my bed of last years seedlings that I have been trialling. I was hoping for a few that were more heat tolerant than the varieties that I have been growing in the past and one of the seedlings (the most bushy looking ones in the centre of the pic) is looking very promising.

Out of the seven seedlings one is good, two were not heat tolerant at all and died, and 4 have barely lived so I will give them another try next year under different conditions. I can't wait to see how the tuberising will go.

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