Friday, March 27, 2015

The first greenhouse is finally up, whew.

After a few problems I have finally finished the greenhouse. It looks a bit wonky but it works and I can finally have a rest by going to two markets tomorrow and Sunday, before starting on the next one.

 I found out why the instructions say that you should not cement in the feet until after you are finished.
As you would have read in my last post, at the end of the second day the wind was coming up so I had to make the decision to cement in the legs so it would still be there in the morning as there was no way I could get it finished that day.

Unfortunately I made the rookie mistake of not putting the level over it again after pouring the cement and the soft sand had given way under the middle two supports. By the time I got back from having a cuppa the 15 minute instant cement had hardened and I was stuck with a wonky frame.

Of course that meant that nothing from then on would fit properly so I had to get out my drill and screw a couple of the stays that hadn't yet been bolted on to the frame as best I could.

Then I discovered that the polycarbonate panels wouldn't fit properly - of course. Hmm, time for some judicious trimming with my Stanley knife.

With some trimming and shoving I finally got them to fit, though there were a couple of posts in the way which I had to get the neighbour to come and chainsaw off as they were cemented into the ground.

Left - You can see the bow in the roof caused by the middle sinking.

Originally I decided to leave the posts from the old polytunnel in place to help secure the new greenhouses, but it worked out that they were all in the wrong places so most of them have come out, or at least, I am in the middle of digging them out.

Due to the wonkiness I can't fit the guttering on so I will be using UV greenhouse plastic tape to cover the ends of the roof panels to stop the water from running down the inside of the wall panels.

As you can see, the first greenhouse is now finished except for the last bit of shelving, and I am exhausted. It seems like I have spent the last few days screwing millions of nuts and bolts.

Now to the next one.
BTW, for anyone who is interested, the greenhouse is one from Sproutwell. I am pleased with it as yesterday was very windy and wet and it didn't move.

 Lastly, my Madagascar beans are now ripening so I picked a heap today.

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